Gods Of Men from men.com

‘Gods Of Men’ have gone all romantic and with plenty of hot love making in this special gay porn series by Men.com, starring Colton Grey and Andrew Stark. Valentine’s Day is the time of year to get soppy and soft with your loved one, except when it comes to these men’s cocks – which are raging hard all the year round.
Colton grey is in the bedroom making it look sexy and romantic for his boyfriend Roman Todd who is already in the shower. Colton lights a lot of candles and spreads red petals over the bed, and when he is happy with how it looks, he goes and joins Roman in the shower where there is a great shot of the water cascading down their bodies and over their big thick dicks.
As Andrew gets into the shower, their cocks brush against each other ever so gently as they start kissing. As the kissing gets more intense, their cocks begin to thicken and grow as they start grinding their hips into each other. Colton kisses Roman’s lovely hard chest as he works his way down his body until he gets to Roman’s seven inch cut cock. Roman sighs out with pleasure as Colton takes his wet dick between his lips and sucks lovingly on his cock and dripping wet ball sack. Colton smells Roman’s clean cock and his body tingles all over as he is intoxicated with its musky scent as he sucks Roman’s cock down to its roots. Andrew stands up and whispers in Roman’s ear to follow him as he has something to show him. As they walk naked into the bedroom Roman sees all the flowers and candles and shows how pleased he is by getting Colton on the bed and kissing him at first, and then tells Colton that he wants to lick his squeaky clean asshole. Colton gets up, and as Roman lays down on his back, Colton squats down over his head, and sits down on his face as Roman teases Colton’s smooth crack by circling his tongue around his puckered-up rim.

Evan Parker and Tyler Hill in some teen boy videos – again

Evan Parker is unstoppable in this great new episode by Helix Studios made for ‘8 teen boy’ He has just chucked Tyler Hill out after having a great sex videos session with him, and he still feels horny. He has a craving for more cock in his mouth and for his dick to be inside a nice tight asshole. His sheets are covered in cum and he needs a drink of water. Evan goes into the kitchen and, after having a drink, his hands go inside his under pants and he starts to fondle his own cock again. His eyes are closed so he doesn’t hear Kody Knight come into the kitchen as he continues to stroke his cock. Without warning, Evan opens his eyes and is shocked to see Kody standing there in just his underpants. Kody is worried that he has been caught and runs back into his room and hides under the covers. Evan follows him into Kody’s bedroom.
‘Were you fucking watching me?’ Evan asks as Kody gets up out of bed. ‘Do you like what you saw?’ he asks him again as Kody gets pushed onto the bed. He looks down at the obvious hardon in Kody’s pants, and without asking, he grabs his pants and yanks them down and takes his eight inch dark meat between his lips and starts to suck him off. Kody grunts with a deep pleasure as he watches Evan spit on his cock and give him a fantastic blowjob.
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Kody gets Evan to lie on his back, and this time it’s Evan’s turn to cry out as Kody bends over and sucks on his gay teen cock. Kody feels his asshole twitching in anticipation of what’s about to cum; he is hungry for some cock deep inside him. He gets up, squats over Evan’s seven inch hard dick and gently, he impales his teen boy videos onto Evan’s waiting dick. Kody howls out as he bounces up and down on Evan’s cock as Evan fucks him back and thrusts his twink cock in and out of his wanton man hole. Just look at Kody’s face as he gets ass fucked by a nonstop horny Evan Parker. His mouth stays open and his eyes stay firmly closed as he carries on riding on that thick dick.

Andrew Stark Interracial Gay Porn Story

When someone mentions the Gods of Men many people think of men who look like the Greek Gods. We are talking about those men just in a different way. We are talking about the ebony model named Tyson Tyler. He is 6 foot tall and muscles. He has tattoos and best of all an eight and half inch cock. Tyson taking a bath completely nude displaying his smooth ass and brown skin.
Tyson leans back and starts to touch his private area allowing his imagination to take over. Sexy Andrew Stark appears in the bathroom suddenly. Andrew has smooth white ski rippling with muscles on his own. Andrew puts his mouth on Tyson’s cock , giving him pleasure when he is still in the bath. Andrew then strips down reveling his own hard tattooed body and gets in the bath with Tyson. He continues to blow him as the dark man stands up.
The men move to the bedroom with music playing in the background and start to have sex. Tyson takes Andrew’s large dick and puts it into this mouth taking it all the way down to the base of the shaft. They play and kiss each other and Tyson tells Andrew how much he wants to fuck him. Andrew takes his mouth and lubes up Tyson’s ass in preparation to put his hard cock inside the tight hole.
Andrew gets behind Tyson and starts to fuck him but not before allowing Tyson to suck on his cock some more. The men roll around and kiss each other. Andrew enters Tyson again in the missionary position which allows them to kiss and get closer. The men are almost at climax. Tyson cums all over Andrew’s cream white skin. Andrew then cums all over Tyson. The men taste each others cum as they continue to roll around in the bed.

Enrique Romo Have A Meeting With Mr. Stark

You know what it’s like when you are work and you are so horny you could burst? Well, luckily for stubbled hunk Andrew Stark, he is the boss, so when he is feeling horny and when he has a cute guy like Enrique Romo at the next desk and willing, it’s not such a huge problem. It’s a huge dick though, nine inches, cut and ready for action and he’s got to do something with it. Ordering bodybuilder and toned talent Enrique to the warehouse, these two suited and randy guys are soon grappling with each other in the back of a storage trailer while the office above goes on working unawares.

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First Andrew gets to work on Enrique’s thick, cut cock, bringing it up to its full eight and a half inches, showing him what he expects to get in return. And get it he does as, still suited, the guys swap places and suck each other deep and long. Enrique plays bottom guy in this scene, it’s not his usual thing, he prefers to top, but when he gets a taste for that perfect shaft and Andrew’s full nuts, he knows he wants to feel his cock deep inside him.

He lies on his back to take that experienced cock like a good’un, jerking on his own meat at the same time, then starts to ride it. Spreading his bubble-but and hard toned ass over that powerful cockhead he gets right down onto it, deeper than before, and then lets himself get taken doggy style. After Andrew has emptied his full nuts over that tight, round ass, Enrique finishes himself off in a noisy climax, letting his cum cascade down over his shaved, exhausted cock.

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Andrew Stark together with Kurt Von Ryder

Cute in a suit, but dark and mean, Andrew Stark is working away in the conference room with Kurt Von Ryder. They tap on their laptops as the seconds tick away, but neither of them has his mind on work. How can you with such sexual chemistry in the room? Someone has to give in to it. Andrew does, he scribbles out a note in silence and waves it across the table to his workmate, ‘I wanna fuck you,’ it says. Simple and to the point. Kurt considers, but it doesn’t take long for him to make up his mind.

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Before long he’s got Andrew’s pants open and down and is chewing on his nine inch cut cock, slowly at first and the harder as he gets his face fucked. After five minutes of this it is Andrew’s turn to get some work done and he does, on Kurt’s seven and a half inches which is boldly tenting out the front of his black underwear. But the message did say ‘I wanna fuck you’ and that’s really what the guys have their minds set on. First with a finger, then two, then more, and the way ahead is open. A quick slap to warm the ass cheeks and Kurt is ready to take his pleasure from taking that hard shaft.

The guys fuck over the conference table, and on it, as Kurt rides that cock sitting-style, his own dick and nuts bouncing around as the sound of flesh on flesh echoes in the room. The office bottom is on his back, fucked sideways, beating his own meat until he shoots, up and onto his toned body. Andrew unloads onto his mate’s nuts and they can both agree, that was a pretty hot meeting.

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Andrew Stark Groupsex with Rocco Reed

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Andrew Stark asks senior sales representative Chris Bines for a sales call to at least one of his preferred customers. It does not take Chris very long to recognize precisely why Rocco Reed is fascinating to consult with once Andrew gets up and begins kissing with the client. Eventually everybody is nude and Rocco gets banged hard by the big guys Andrew and Chris

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Andrew Stark And Enrique Romo At The Gay Office

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Andrew Stark and his awesome associate Enrique Romo love to fuck however to get it done in the office it will take some great area scouting. Andrew discovers an empty truck within the storage warehouse and a rendez-vous is arrange. This will be Enrique’s very first episode with Stark and he will get screwed very hard by Andrew’s monstrous cock

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Tales of the John with Andrew Stark

The most important and last scenario coming from the TALES OF A JOHN series happens to be a orgy showcasing five of the amazing steady clients from the roughest and most popular hookup john in the city. Mike De Marko, Andrew Stark and Troy Daniels get banged by Tommy Defendi and hot pornstar Trevor Knight

Andrew Stark fucking Rod Daily

Rod Daily possesses a hot fantasy as well as a super laptop which makes it become a reality! Rod logs directly into his MEN.COM membership and picks four amazing guys to participate him with a Jizz Orgy scene in which he tops and bottoms with Andrew Stark, Colby Jansen, Duncan Black and Bobby Clark.

Andrew Stark at Jizz Orgy

Intimate opportunist and talent lookout Andrew Stark seems to have quite a few equally matched professionals which all quit their gaps for an opportunity toward the Major League. Watch Andrew hammering every one of the four slots to find out who gets the last spot